Service User Area

Introductory Section for Service User Forum

The LPP Service User Forum is designed to assist users of LPP’s services to support each other in building safe and stable lives in the community. It provides an opportunity to share thoughts and experiences with other people who are in a similar situation, to learn from one another, and to seek and offer support.

If you sign up to the Forum, you can read and join discussion threads, access helpful information and see what events are coming up that might be of interest to you.

The Service User Forum is not a social networking site, and users are asked to choose an anonymous user name and not to reveal their identity. This is to ensure the Forum is a safe, confidential and supportive place for everyone who uses it. However this does not apply to any professionals who sign up – either from LPP or from other partner agencies. Their username will contain LPP or the name of the agency they represent (eg Sova, FST).

Discussion threads will be moderated, and we encourage users to report any concerns they have (using the ‘Report’ button, which appears on each page), and to help each other to use the Forum responsibly and for its intended purpose.

To access the Forum you need to be sponsored by an LPP professional, usually your probation officer or an LPP psychologist. They will go through the Forum house rules with you (which you can see by clicking here) and ask you to sign to say you’ve understood them. You can then sign up here. Make sure you can’t be identified from the username you choose. It may take a few days for us to confirm with your Sponsor that they have discussed the Forum with you, and we will send you an email when you have been given access.

If you have any questions about the Forum, you can email us here, or speak to an LPP professional.