The Solace Centre

The Solace Centre

Site Name

The Solace Centre

Address: 58 Bowmans Close West Ealing W13 5YT

Service(s) provided

community, mainstream services, mentoring & Support

Suitable for:

The Solace Centre is a daily out-of-hours drop-in service offering a forum where people with mental health issues meet in a relaxed environment, socialise, support each other, make new friends and, when needed, gain support from the staff.


Free for visitors. £12 per year membership.


The Solace Centre encourages improving quality of life, well-being and independence through social inclusion and interaction.
Support can be through a helping hand (maybe with forms or calls), a quiet word or chat over problems, a game of pool or simply the space for solace.
Regular meetings are held to ensure participation and choice by our members in decision-making about Solace Centre policies.

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Opening / Clinic Times

09:00 – 17:00 – Mon – Fri


020 8567 6189


Access to Service

Referral & Self Referral

Referral Process

Although one can self refer, the centre has requested that they are informed if an individual is on probation and they are not willing to accept referrals from people who may present a risk to other service users. Referrals are not needed for people in the community. Either contact the centre directly or via another club member. If you feel you’d benefit from being in touch with this service, either give us a call (after 3pm) or come and visit us. Once you become a regular visitor our members vote you in as a potential member.

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58 Bowmans Close West Ealing W13 5YT