The Paddock Centre PD Service Broadmoor Hospital

The Paddock Centre PD Service Broadmoor Hospital

Site Name

The Paddock Centre PD Service Broadmoor Hospital

Address: Broadmoor Hospital Crowthorne Berkshire RG45 7EG

Service(s) provided

Secure, Specialist, Forensic, Assessment, Therapy

Suitable for:

Individuals from London and the south of England with an actual or suspected diagnosis of severe personality disorder, with very serious offences and assessed as high/very high risk of harm to others. Most referrals come from MSUs or from A or B Category prisons. Although the individual does not need to consent to the referral, a complete lack of motivation to engage in therapy may make the referral impractical.


240 high secure hospital places for the assessment, treatment and care of men with mental illness and personality disorders who represent a high degree of risk to themselves or to others. Treatment includes a combination of medication and psychological therapies. Average stay is 5-6 years, though many people have shorter stays.

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Opening / Clinic Times

09:00 – 17:00 – Mon – Fri


01344 754753


01344 754768

Access to Service


Referral Process

Before referral is made agreed from the medium secure unit in the catchment area and written evidence of this is required. Referrals should be in writing and include past psychiatric history (dates of admission, reasons, legal status, treatment, incidents and outcome), social history, (with indications of what has been independently corroborated), details of events (index offence or behaviour as an in-patient) which triggered the referral, past medical history, forensic history, history of substance abuse, copies of significant past reports, and a summary of the current treatment plan. Referrals should emailed to The referral will be discussed in the admissions panel and if the referral is accepted the individual will be admitted within 14days. If the referral is not accepted the reasons will be given in writing to the refer.
Dr Callum Ross
Consultant Forensic Psychiatrist
Clinical Lead for the PD Pathway
Broadmoor Hospital
T: 01344 754753; F: 01344 754768

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Broadmoor Hospital Crowthorne Berkshire RG45 7EG