London Pathways OPD Progression Service (LPPU) HMP Belmarsh

London Pathways OPD Progression Service (LPPU) HMP Belmarsh

Site Name

London Pathways OPD Progression Service (LPPU) HMP Belmarsh

Address: LPPU HMP Belmarsh Western Way Thamesmead, London SE28 0EB

Service(s) provided

Secure, Specialist, Forensic, Assessment, Therapy

Suitable for:

A prisoner is potentially suitable for the LPPu If:

  • his case is held by London probation and he is likely to be released to London
  • he has been assessed at some point during his current sentence as presenting a high likelihood of violent or sexual offence repetition, and high or very high risk of harm
  • he has longstanding emotional and interpersonal difficulties that are likely to reflect a severe PD
  • there is a link between his personality difficulties and his offending and risk
  • the LPPu is the most appropriate place to facilitate progression
  • he has between 12 and 24 months to serve before release into the community.
  • Other prisoners may be considered if:

  • the LPPu would be part of a planned transfer from a secure hospital to a prison as part of a progression pathway
  • further support is required to obtain a parole board recommendation of release or progressive move, and the LPPu’s role in achieving this can be clearly identified
  • the prisoner has been recalled for breaching his licence conditions.
  • A prisoner may not be suitable if:

  • there are un‐resolvable conflicts with other prisoners or staff at Belmarsh.
  • he is better placed on a vulnerable prisoner unit.
  • he requires enhanced staffing due to the risk of violence in a secure setting.
  • his needs can be better met elsewhere.
  • the benefits of being on the LPPu are not clear.
  • he requires a drug or alcohol detoxification.
  • the home prison establishment is not prepared to accept him back during the first 6 months
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Opening / Clinic Times


0208 3314697



Access to Service


Referral Process

All referrals must be made by Offender Managers, by sending referral information and the LPPU Prisoner Pre-Admission Questionnaire to the relevant prison OMU and EPU Prison Lead. Referrals must include: name, DOB, anticipated release address, index offence and offence history details, sentence and release dates, details of any unsuccessful parole hearings, relevant background information, a brief formulation (if available) and reasons for the referral.

Full referral guidelines can be accessed from, or

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LPPU HMP Belmarsh Western Way Thamesmead, London SE28 0EB