HMP Garth The Beacon OPD Treatment Service

HMP Garth The Beacon OPD Treatment Service

Site Name

HMP Garth The Beacon OPD Treatment Service

Address: The Beacon, HMP Garth, Moss Lane, Ulnes‐Walton, Leyland, Lancashire, PR26 8LW

Service(s) provided

Secure, Specialist, Forensic, Assessment, Therapy

  • The Beacon is based on a recovery and attachment model which aims to provide evidence‐based specialist treatment for prisoners with personality difficulties. The underpinning philosophy is psychologically informed based on a bio‐psychosocial model of PD. Individualised assessments and treatments are provided in group and individual formats, which enhance pro‐social relationships, reduce risk and improve psychological well‐being.
  • A shared therapeutic model structures the service based on Livesley’s (2012) phases of treatment. These phases of therapy facilitate gradual and progressive skill‐building before entrenched patterns are addressed and aid the integration of a number of approaches in a coherent and structured way. The appropriate treatment planning and sequencing is necessary to match the prisoners’ needs at different stages of their recovery. Thus the focus and intensity of interventions may change during the pathway and will be responsive to the individual. The promotion of social inclusion, hope and empowerment for change are central tenets of the recovery based philosophy.

Suitable for:

Cat B or C adult male prisoners:

  • Aged over 21 years. Serving a sentence of imprisonment with sufficient time to engage in treatment (approximately at least two years on The Beacon)
  • but with less than 20 years left to serve
  • Assessed as presenting a high likelihood of violent or sexual offence repetition and high or very high risk of harm to self or others. Likely to have a PD/significant personality difficulties. There is a clinically justifiable link between the personality difficulties and risk. Men who are referred should also be able to manage on normal location within the prison.
  • Prisoners are generally serving a determinate term of imprisonment of at least four years or an indeterminate sentence of any tariff length. They can be referred at any point during their sentence but they should have at least two years left to serve so they have time to engage in treatment and some time after to monitor and consolidate skills after they have left the unit. They will have complex needs consisting of emotional and interpersonal difficulties, and display challenging behaviour of a degree that causes concern in relation to their effective management and progress.


Range of psychological, occupational, educational and social interventions and activities, including group and 1:1 sessions and therapy, workshops, activity groups, community meetings and opportunities to contribute to decision‐making about the service.

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Opening / Clinic Times


01772 443367



Access to Service


Referral Process

Referrals: 01772 443367,
Clinical Lead: 01772 443394,
Custodial Manager: 01772 443342

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The Beacon, HMP Garth, Moss Lane, Ulnes‐Walton, Leyland, Lancashire, PR26 8LW