This “Services” page brings you an up-to-date, interactive, list of local, regional and national services available to service users with personality-disorder from London.

The aim is offer practitioners comprehensive information on the criminal justice, health and 3rd sector options available, including:

  • Psychologically Informed Planned Environments (PIPE), Progression Units and specialist treatment services in prisons .
  • Specialist treatment services in high and medium secure hospitals.
  • Specialist treatment services, mental health teams, and case management services in the community
  • Specialist employment, mentoring, and service user forums working in custody and in the community

For each service we have identified opening hours, the referral process, and where possible a link to their referrals forms and websites.

For a comprehensive list of national Offender Personality Disorder services, please click on the link to our Downloads, and see the relevant document for male and female offenders.

There are two ways to use the Services page on this website: either using the interactive map below, or through the list of services.

  • With both options, you need the post-code for the area where you require a service – this could be where you work or where the service user is currently living (or planning to live).
  • Having input a post-code, the services map or list will show all Pathways services locally and nationally.
  • Having identified what is available in that area you can refine your search by using the “filter by service” button, which provides a drop down list based on the type of service you are looking for. For example, if you are looking for mentoring services, then select this option. Alternatively, you might be looking for custody pathways, in which case you can select all custody services.