Women in Prison

Women in Prison

Site Name

Women in Prison

Address: Women in Prison Unit 10, The Ivories 6 Northampton Street London. N1 2HY

Service(s) provided

Secure, womens only service, Specialist, Forensic, Assessment, Therapy

Promote social inclusion and enable hard to reach women to engage and maintain an improved quality of life with the appropriate levels of support. The aim is that this will reduce their risk of re‐offending, re‐lapsing and re‐call. The model is Through the Gate, so we begin our engagement with women within the prison, prior to their release. We will then work with them in the community to reach a number of individual support goals, focusing on positive progress in the following areas: housing, engagement, personal development, training, education and employment, substance misuse, health & well‐being, and criminal justice. We also work with women who may already be released from prison and on licence.

Suitable for:

  • Over 18 years old.
  • A diagnosis of Personality Disorder or personality disorder traits. (This recognises that women may not have come into contact with services to reach a diagnosis prior to imprisonment)
  • Women who are presenting with Complex Needs. By this we mean women who have found it difficult to engage with statutory services and who have a number of support needs including mental health, domestic violence, substance use, housing, benefits, education and training, family and parenting.
  • Women sentenced to over 12months for a non‐acquisitive offence, who will be released on license in London
  • Women interested to engage/participate in the project. This may be women who want to make positive changes in their lives but need support and advocacy work to do this.
  • Released within 2014 as the project is currently funded till March 2015.


Client‐led, one to one advocacy/relational support to enable effective engagement with statutory services.

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Opening / Clinic Times

09:00 – 17:00 – Mon – Fri


020 7359 6674


Access to Service


Referral Process

The offender manager, women’s SPOC, specialist probation officer or psychologist can make a referral to WiP (referrals@womeninprison.org.uk). WiP and the pathways clinical lead will then discuss the referral and make a decision to accept/decline. For accepted referrals, WiP will contact the psychologist, specialist probation officer, women’s SPOC and offender manager, to agree the approach to the referral (in line with the formulation) and to ensure all parties are keep informed.

(If referrals are not suitable for the complex needs project, they may still be suitable for one of WIP’s other projects.)

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Women in Prison Unit 10, The Ivories 6 Northampton Street London. N1 2HY