Prison Therapeutic Community HMP Send

Prison Therapeutic Community HMP Send

Site Name

Prison Therapeutic Community HMP Send

Address: Ripley Road Send GU23 7LJ

Service(s) provided

Secure, Specialist, Forensic, Assessment, Therapy

In the Democratic Therapeutic Community (DTC) we focus on the importance of healthy ways of relating to others, and getting involved in community life. There is a daily programme of group therapy and other activities. Along with other Community members you will be enabled to explore the difficulties you have experienced in life, including your crime, and learn new and more positive ways to manage your life.

Suitable for:

Motivated and relatively settled, female offenders with a minimum of 24 months left of sentence. Will take sexual offenders. Must not be intending to, or in process of appealing sentence,


Community Meetings, Group psychotherapy including Small and Larger (Median Groups).
An expectation that later on in your treatment journey you will take on roles of responsibility such as being Chair of the Community, you may be able to benefit from Creative Core Therapy such as Art or Drama, and will also be expected to join in helping the Community run safely and effectively through involvement in activities such as cooking meals and buddying.

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Opening / Clinic Times

09:00 – 17:00 – Mon – Fri


01483 471048


Access to Service

Self referral

Referral Process

Minimum of 12months left of sentence.
Sexual offence- Yes

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Ripley Road Send GU23 7LJ