Occupational/Arts Therapy (CPOT) – CORE ARTS

Occupational/Arts Therapy (CPOT) – CORE ARTS

Site Name

Occupational/Arts Therapy (CPOT) – CORE ARTS

Address: Occupational/Arts Therapy (CPOT) – CORE ARTS

Service(s) provided

specialist services, therapy, occupational therapy

Suitable for:

Individuals who have been inpatients of secondary care, for example from the John Howard Centre.


This is a multi-skilled team providing rehabilitation for adult inpatients and day patients. It offers assessment, resettlement and specialist interventions such as life skills, stress management, art therapy, drama, movement therapy, work skills and psychotherapy to enable clients with significant psychological difficulties to cope with everyday life in the community, or to prepare them for returning home from an inpatient stay. Therapy takes place on both a group and individual basis, in a hospital setting and community locations.

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Opening / Clinic Times

09:00 – 17:00 – Mon – Fri


020 8510 8630

Access to Service

Referral & Self Referral

Referral Process

Referrals are accepted by letter from GPs, psychiatrists and other healthcare professionals. Self referrals are also accepted where the team is given consent to inform the clients GP.

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Occupational/Arts Therapy (CPOT) – CORE ARTS