Assertive Outreach Team

Assertive Outreach Team

Site Name

Assertive Outreach Team

Address: Old Montague Street 86 Old Montague Street London E1 5NN

Service(s) provided

Community, mainstream services, Case management, outreach

Suitable for:

The Assertive Outreach Team work with people with severe and enduring mental illness as their primary diagnosis. Do not accept people with a primary diagnosis of PD. Will work with someone with a forensic history but cases assessed on a case by case basis. May take someone whose primary diagnosis fits their criteria but also has some personality difficulties.


The Assertive Outreach Team is a community based service specifically designed to support people with serious and enduring mental health problems who have complex needs and who have not engaged with mainstream mental health services. It is particularly aimed at people who are considered to be at significant risk and who have required repeated episodes of admission into hospital. Also provides specialist services on the management and care of mentally disordered offenders in the borough and those returning from higher security

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Opening / Clinic Times

09:00 – 17:00 – Mon – Fri


020 7426 2591


020 7426 2592

Access to Service


Referral Process

Secondary Mental Health Teams; GP; Primary Care Mental Health Team; Specialist Mental Health Service; Homelessness Agencies

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Old Montague Street 86 Old Montague Street London E1 5NN