Welcome to the London Pathways Partnership website. The website is designed to offer easy to access information about personality disorder and offending to practitioners and service users. This website focuses on practical and effective advice, to support the development of confidence and competence in practitioners; and to ensure that service users feel well informed and have opportunities for interaction around the issues that concern them. For those who wish to enquire about LPP services, the website provides referral and service information, with signposting to relevant documentation regarding local and national strategy

Personality Disorder (PD) Guidance

Click above to access the web-based version of the Practitioners Guide for Working with Personality Disordered Offenders. This section provides an easy to understand theoretical model for working with service users who have persistent and pervasive psychological difficulties, whether or not they have a formal diagnosis of personality disorder.

Managing Difficult Behaviour

Click above to access practical information about managing the challenges posed by individuals with personality disorder and offending behaviour. This section provides easy to apply, everyday guidance for both the novice and experienced practitioner, and includes the ‘Top Tips’ section of the Personality Disorder Guidance.


Click above to find services for service users in London and the surrounding area. The easy to use service locator allows practitioners to find local criminal justice, health and third sector agencies that can support in the assessment, treatment and management of personality disordered offenders.

Service User Area

Click above to access a service user forum. The forum provides a platform for service users to engage and collaborate with others. This section includes service user feedback on LPP and Pathway services, as well as local and national updates.